a collision  : moving object against another(충돌)
 maneuver : more like movement(작전, 행동)
 vendors    : seller

 to click along
 to clasp : 꽉 움켜줘다
 to slam : 쾅하고 격하게 부딛히는 것(사물)
 to jerk : 갑자기 움직이다(사람). 차가 갑자기 설 때, 몸도 따라 격하게 움직이는 것
 to crouch : 쭈그리다, 웅크리다. (동물 등이 덤벼들려고)웅크리다.
 to yell : talking very laudly
 to filter :
 to bundle up : 한 묶음을 들다
 to sway : 몸을 좌우로 흔든다(기차 등에서 서 있을때 몸이 좌우로 살짝 살짝 흔들리는 것
 to shrug : I don't know. I don't care (자기는 모르겠다는 듯이 어깨를 들썩 하는 행동)
 to disembark : get off the train

 solemn : serious 무표정. 심각한 표정
 antsy : impatient 안절부절 못하는
 complacent : calm
 mesmerized : 최면을 걸다(메즈머롸이즈)
 gooey : sticky and wet
 remarkable : impresessive. great. you won't forget it

slimer : 먹깨비

bawl your eyes out : 펑펑 울다 눈이 튀어나올 정도로
I bawled when Simba's father died     (Simba : name of lion from Lion King)
Wipe your tears : 눈물이 주룩주룩 흘러내리다.


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about seperate

2008.01.28 15:19
to seperate                     : married or not  usually for married people : no papers
to break up = to split up : more common in spoken English. for non-married people
to divorce                       : for married people legal end of the marrige

they are seprated = they seprated

made up : after break up they meet again
A and B made up

she fell for him    : fall in love
they are an item : a couple
He stood her up  : He doesn't show up for a date(바람 맞추다)
She was stood up


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about love

2008.01.28 15:13

John is in love with Mary    => romantic      , in love : john's feeling
Richard loves Bill                => either(romantic, very like)

Margaret is dating Andrew          => more than once, romantic
Ann has a date with Bill tonight  => either(romantic, tonight she has date)

[Romantic] - 굳이 말한다면 사귀고 있음.
A and B are dating
A and B are hanging out
A and B are seeing each other
A and B are going out

[Friends] - 굳이 말한다면 아직 사귀지는 않음??
A has a date with B tonight
A is going out wih B tonight


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to and for

2008.01.28 15:06
Why are you going to Seattle?

 - for shopping / to shop
 - for pleasure
 - for business
 - to see seattle  

( for travel 은 잘못된 표현이므로 사용 못함)
 - for sight seeing / to sight see

Why did you call me?

 - to ask you something
 - just to talk
 - to inform you about the meeting
( to 는 ~하기 위해서 로 목적으로 쓰임.
  to 가 목적으로 쓰일때에는 문장의 맨 뒤로 온다)


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Day3 about Sumo

2008.01.10 16:20
이전에  Vancouver에서 스모경기가 열렸다면서
Teacher가 오늘의 Activity를 정해서 맡은 part

 - Sumos throw salt to purify the ring
 - Also an effective disinfectant for cuts in the ring

purify : removing any harmfuf, dirty , make it clean : 정화하다, 깨끗이하다
disinfectant : kills germs : 살균성의, 소독성이 있는

스모 심판인 교지[行司, ぎょうじ] '교지'는 칼을 차고 있는데
심판을 잘못했을 때, 할복을 한다는 전통이 있었다나?
지금은 상징적인거라고...

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day2 sport

2008.01.09 13:25
Sport 마다 쓰는 동사가 다름.

What is play?
what is do?
what is go?

play hockey
do judo
play baseball
go skiing
go snowboarding
go sailing
go jogging
do track and field
play tennis
do weightlifting
do aerobics

games는 play
usually -ing 인것들은  go
matial arts(yoga, 태권도 등) do
physical traning => do

not play or go or do(play도 아니고 go도 아니고 do도 아닌것)
boxing, wrestling
위 두 단어는 verb로 쓴다.
  ex) He's a boxer
        He boxes once a week

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A keen mind
Being jealous
take the oath
let out
break in
have to face
cold confort
made no mention
lay ahead
lowdown on
killing drosts
nail down

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2008.01.08 16:56
Ace it : get a A
bomb the test : fail
brown nose = suck up : try hard to please
to suck : you are bad at something
to suck up : 아부하다
pull an all nighter : you stay up all night for study and you have to finish
flunk : fail an exam
killer course : difficult subject
data brain : very smart person
hard nose : strict/ a difficult teacher
easy grader : a teacher who give good grade (oppasite : hard nose)
cram : study a lot at the last minute
pop quiz : teacher doesn't tell you.
hit the book : focus. let's do it. really do something for study
draw a brank : usually forget
ditch a class : not go to a class(땡땡이)
cold calling : 원치않는 스팸전화

He's as sharp as a tact : inteligent
He has a good head on his shoulders

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About the weather

2008.01.08 16:41
Warm/hot weather

When it's humid, the air is holding lots of moisture.
There are two other words that mean hot and moist.
The words are muggy and sweltering
- sweltering is even hotter than muggy
Stifling weather is so hot and uncomfortable that you can't breathe.
- it can be stifling in a room too.
Scorching weather feels like a burning heat but dry like in a desert.
Mild weather is weather that is surprisingly warm for the season
A heat wave is a period of unusually hot weather that lasts a week or two weeks.
A drought happens when there is no rain for a long period of time
- plants die, lakes dry up and the earty becomes very hard.

  muggy -> sweltering -> Stifling -> Scorching
Humid는 공기가 많은 습기를 가지고 있는 상태를 말합니다.
거기에는 두 단어가 있는데 muggy와  sweltering 가 있는데  sweltering가 더 더운것입니다.
Stifling는 너무 더워서 불편하고 숨을 쉬기 어려운 정도이며
방에서도 그런 느낌을 받을 수 있습니다.(사우나??)
Scorching는 사막에 있는것처럼 타는듯한 열기이지만 건조한것을 말합니다.
Mild는 이상하게 따뜻한 날씨를 말합니다.(보통 겨울 등??)
Heat wave는 일~이주정도 이상하리만큼 더운날씨가 지속되는것을 말합니다.(열대아?)
Drought는 가뭄. 오랫동안 비가오지않아 농작물이 죽고 호수가 마르는 것을 말합니다.
Wet weather

this wet scale gets stronger from left to right
   to drizzle -> to pour/ a downpour  -> torrential rain

chilly and damp is cold
Damp weather is cold and the air is moist, but it's not raining
When it's drizzling, you don't really need an umbrella unless you're outside for a long time.
When it's pourting, you do need an umbrella
If there is torrential rain, the roads can become flooded.
Rain that only last for a short time is called a shower.
When you have a rainstorm with thuder and lightning. it's a thunderstorm.
A hailstorm causes lots of problems
 - farmers can lose all their crops if the hailstomes are very big
 - hailstorms can happen at any time of year
Foggy weather, especially in the mornings before the sun gets hot enough to burn off the fog.

chilly는 차가움을 느끼는 정도??
Damp는 차가우면서 습한. 비는 오지 않는 상태
Drizzing은 이슬비? 오랜시간 외출할 게 아니면 우산이 필요없는 상태?
pouring 비가 와서 우산이 필요한 상태?? 그냥 비가 오는것. (=down pour)
torrential rain은 비가 강하게 와서 홍수를 불러올 정도
shower는 소나기. 짧은시간동안 내린는 비
thunderstorm은 천둥번개를 동반한 강한 비가 내릴때
hailstorm은 우박과 함께
Foggy는 안개낀 상태(대부분 안개는 해가 뜨면 걷히죠^^)

A gentle breeze is wind light enough to cool you.
 - it is a welcome relief on a hot day
On the other hand, if it is breezy, the wind is stronger and you may like to go sailing or fly a kite.
When there is a gale, boats are warned not to go out from shore because the wind is dangerous
some gusts may be up to 80 km/h.
When people hear that a huricane is coming
 - they board up their windows and go to a safe place
If there is a tornado warning, you should go down into your basement.

breeze는 더울때 불어오는 시원한 바람
breezy 바람을 이용해 연을 날리기 좋은날씨?
gale는 바람이 거칠어서 배들이 묶일 정도.
gusts는 바람소리가 휘익 하고 들릴정도로 원한다면 몇번부는지 셀 수 있을 강한바람.
huricane는 태풍으로 강한바람, 비 등으로 외출을 삼가고 창문을 닫고 안전한집에...
tornado는 바람이 원을 그리며 돌아서 휩쓸고 지나가는 자리에는 많은것이 파손되는...

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